Indonesia is among the most culturally diverse nations in the world. We speak over 700 languages & dialects and come from more than 15 ethnic groups across the archipelago we call home. So, we thought that we’d set up our very own rendition of Humans of New York – Humans of BISA, as we like to call it – so that we could get to know each other better and hopefully inspire some!

Here are our stories. What’s yours?


What is your fondest memory of Berkeley?

Just one? Haha well I don’t have one particular memory, but in general, it’s definitely been the people that have made the last 4 years so memorable. If my life were a movie, this would be the cue for the dramatic flashback montage, complete with the voiceover, bokeh, light leaks - the whole shabang. From the “no door remains closed” norm in the dorms my freshman year, to the monthly Dominoes deliveries and rant/gossip sessions with my housemates and the spontaneous late-night drives after failed exams my sophomore year, to the picnics on Glade and possibly some the best trips to Mexico I’ll ever have my junior and senior year, I am very grateful to have met some of the best people here.

~Gaby Wantah


What is one value you live by?

I have always admired those people who seem to have it all, smart, kind, charismatic, successful, confident, you name it, but now I don’t think that’s necessarily the case - it’s not that they have it all, it’s that they understand their intrinsic self worth and feel so comfortable in their own skin that they need not compare themselves to others or beat themselves up when things don’t turn out the way they expect. They view each challenge with an optimistic mindset and each failure as an opportunity to grow. In a way, those who exhibit humility are confident but modest, and aren’t afraid to fail, and I think those qualities are some things that I strive to live by everyday.

~Ryan Jusuf


Tell Us about your hobby of calligraphy that you recently picked up.

I want people to know that I am not afraid to express myself. The thing is that it is easy to express yourself when you are happy but when you are feeling not so happy, when you are feeling sad or troubled, for me, that’s when I mostly write. I am a math major and so like, math majors, you don’t really expect them to type numbers up on a computer. So you always see them like writing numbers down and doing equations and stuff, but now I am using writing in another way. I always write in black, blue and green. Black is a very stable color - people always write in black. Blue because Cal and green because it’s my favorite color and because I don’t have any other color pens, but I’m not planning to get any other color pens. I see myself as more of a mellow, introverted person and blue and green, they’re calmer colors.

~Aprillia Judokusumo