Food Recommendation of the Month - November


Pyeong Chang Tofu House
Address: 1269 University Avenue , Berkeley, CA 94702

This restaurant specializes in traditional soup tofu and hot stone bibimbap. it just expanded to Berkeley after opening up in Oakland for 19 years. I tried the spam and cheese tofu and the mentai wakame bibimbap.

For the tofu, the cheese melted in the mouth and added consistency to the soup into having a buttery taste. I feel like this adds flavor to just a normal tofu soup.

The bibimbap came with a smaller portion of the original tofu soup so it is a great addition if you don’t feel like ordering both!, I’m personally not a big fan of bibimbap, and I couldn’t taste the mentai after mixing it, but i really loved the burnt rice at the bottom of the stone bowl even though overall it was quite bland .

I feel like by expanding to Berkeley, Pyeong Chang is a great addition to Berkeley restaurants, since there isn’t really a lot of authentic Korean restaurant in Berkeley, as compared to in Oakland!!

What to order: Spam and Cheese Tofu

Ps: There is a cafe called Algorithm Coffee that’s close by as well as my favorite place to get donuts in Berkeley called Rainbow Donuts (Get the red velvet!)


Food Recommendation of the Month - October

Rick and Ann’s

Rick and Ann’s

Calling all the brunch lovers out there!!! 

Rick and Ann’s 
Address: 2922 Domingo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

I first heard of the name Rick and Ann's when I was scrolling through Yelp, but I don’t know why I never really had the intention to try it out. It was until Jason reminded me again of it, and so we decided to try it out for brunch! 

The first time I arrived, my first impression was that the setting was very welcoming and homey. I ordered the Mid West plate which had a pork chop and potato pancake. The potato pancake was very crispy and was shredded like a hash brown, and the pork chop was very soft and tender. 

This place is perfect for those who want a good brunch place (Reminds me of SF’s Mamas at Washington Square) but still want to stay at Berkeley. I'd definitely consider it a hole in a wall kind of thing since not a lot people know about it.

What to order: Mid West, Erica’s French Toast 

PS: Take the 79 bus and walk for 2 minutes! There is also a bakery next to it called Fournee Bakery.  

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